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There Is No Pain At All

I have experienced testicular and spermatic cord pain for over 10 years and visited several doctors with negative results.

The pain became so severe in the last 3 months prior to surgery that I went to the emergency room where they did an ultrasound of the groin and prescribed pain medication. There they also referred me to Dr. Fromang, a local urologist. He referred me to Dr. Parekattil at the PUR clinic. Dr. Parekattil recommended a nerve block to confirm his diagnosis. This nerve block produced positive results and confirmed the need for robotic surgery.

After a short recovery, the pain was reduced at least 60%. After about 4 more weeks, the pain has been very minimal, and sometimes there is no pain at all. I have been able to resume normal activity. I highly recommend Dr. Parekattil and his staff at the PUR clinic.

Chuck S.

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