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Completely Off All Pain Medication!

Dr. Parekattil,

I developed severe groin pain in February 2015. During the next seven months, I saw my family doctor, 6 specialists, and made 3 E/R visits. My diagnostics and course of treatment included 5 sets of imaging, a colonoscopy, 2 groin nerve blocks, hernia surgery, and groin denervation surgery. Despite all of these measures, the severe groin pain remained. I started daily narcotic pain medication in March so that I could at least walk short distances. By September, since the only relief I had was from the narcotic drugs, my surgeons agreed that I needed more aggressive robotic nerve surgery. However, none of my doctors knew of any qualified specialist.

I am skeptical by nature. When I found The PUR Clinic’s website, it sounded too good to be true. After discussing the matter with my primary surgeon and family and extensive review, I made contact with The PUR Clinic in mid-September. After talking to Dr. Parekattil shortly thereafter, I was able to make arrangements for a diagnostic nerve block and groin neurolysis surgery 2 weeks later. After a whirlwind coast-to-coast 5 day trip, I was at home recovering. Within a month, I was completely off all pain medication and able to walk without pain. I have started physical activities, with limited resulting pain. However, the pain subsides without medication. Overall my pain has been reduced more than 80%.

Dr. Parekattil and his staff have been extremely professional and very helpful. While I do not know if my recovery will continue beyond its current level, I do know that I would seriously consider additional treatment options that Dr. Parekattil can provide, if necessary. In addition, my local urologist was so impressed with the improvement in my condition, that she is considering referring another patient to Dr. P.

Thank you Dr. Parekattil and The PUR Clinic.

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