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Welcome to The PUR Clinic (Personalized Urology & Robotics)! We specialize in taking care of your urology needs and treating you like family. We encourage you to meet The PUR Clinic Team, learn why you should Choose The PUR Clinic, and find out how we differ from other Urology Clinics.

Industry Leading Technology

The PUR Clinic focuses on Personalized Care! We want you to feel comfortable whether you are having a routine checkup, a Vasectomy Reversal, Male Infertility Issues, Testicular Pain, or another urology related issue. You will feel at ease knowing our discreet, professional, and personal doctors are ready and willing to help you get back to the normal activities you once enjoyed.

Robotic Vasectomy Reversals

By using the da Vinci Robotic platform, the PUR Clinic Doctors (Dr. Parekattil & Dr. Brahmbhatt) are able to use advanced Mirco-Surgical techniques that require specialized expertise. Our surgeons have performed over 1,000 robotic Micro-Surgical procedures, bench marking a success rate at 97%! Men all around the world interested in reversing their vasectomy have visited The PUR Clinic as their clinic of choice – take a moment and review The PUR Clinic Testimonials.

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